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PTI Company | PTIprint - Who are these guys?

As a SaaS (software as a service) company, we design, build and manage state-of-the-art software applications that focus on helping our customers improve their business intelligence through tracking products, people, and processes.

To accomplish that goal the company set out to select exactly the right individuals to fulfill the creative promise of Cairnstack Software.

The Client Development Team incorporates bi-lingual members who work primarily with clients across international borders. A primary focus for this team is high-level client interaction such as answering phones in-person and email in the same day.

Our Programing Team members come from the most creative and challenging programing backgrounds, bringing with them decades of product design and customization experience.

The Management Team incorporates experience from a variety of business backgrounds from large fortune 500 companies to smaller self-built entrepreneurial endeavors. The team know what it means to be in a supporting role for a large business, as well as how to sustain the creative foundation for a constantly evolving enterprise.

"We believe supporting businesses that make a positive impact on people and business, and our primary focus is on improving the associated processes that identify losses, improve operational efficiencies, and enable cost saving benefits for overall business success."

Reid Hanson

President & Founder

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