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PTIprint saves your company's GS1 prefix and the commodity GTIN info, making it easier than ever to manage information and print PTI-compliant labels quicker and with the reporting that is required for FDA and USDA auditing. 

Before you can get started with PTIprint, you should have your GS1 prefix and product GTINs. If you don’t already have these numbers, visit for more information on how to apply for barcodes for your products.

For example; if you produce tomato's, but that product is sold in three sizes

(clam shell, by the flat, and bulk), and produce three types (TOV, 

Heirloom, Cherry, etc.), you need to identify 9 product variations.

3 sizes x 3 types = 9 barcodes.

If they also come in 3 grades of tomatoes, you'll need 27 barcodes.
3 sizes x 3 types x 3 grades = 27 barcodes and so on...

If you would like more information. please see the website for the barcode calculator under section one.

If you already have your barcodes and company prefix, continue on with your PTIprint setup.


In the PTIprint Settings for your company, you can enter your GS1 prefix. Click on the Manage header and, from the drop-down menu, click on Settings. 



Then add your products to PTIprint

by the short process shown here. 


Go to your GS1us dashboard: 


Within GS1, export an Excel file of your commodities and their GTINs. Email that file to us @ and our PTI support staff will take care of entering that data into your paid PTIprint account at no additional charge. 

Once you have emailed your list.  Give us a call and we can walk you through the setup and you can be printing in as little as 10 minutes from getting your log in credentials. 

PTIprint is here to help.  Contact us to get started or click this link to do it yourself.  



GTIN codes requirements
Product GTIN list from gs1us.png
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