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Pro-Business Module
Pro-Business Module

The Pro-Business Module goes beyond just a PTI compliance solution.

It adds business tools that maximize your production, manufacturing, operations and PTI compiance with the same printed label.

Getting started is easy as 1-2-3!


1. Have questions call or schedule a demo of Pro-Business Module.

2. Sign up online or over the phone is fast and easy.

3. Start using your inventory management system today.

PTIprint Pro-Business Module is a super-charged version of QuickStart.  Pro-Business Module provides you robust features and benefits that let you easily manage and track many other tasks, functions and stages within your production, manufacturing and general business operations. Tracking features include: receiving, grading, weighing, cleaning, inspections, testing, special handling, packaging, repacking, storage, distribution, shipping, delivery, production and manufacturing stages, API integration (QuickBooks, etc), direct consumer marketing and so much more! Contact us to get started today.


Start Pro-Business Module now for


PTIprint Pro-Business Module offers:


  • Includes all QuickStart Module features.

  • Create inventory lists on the fly as you print labels.

  • Inventory control features for internal and external product transfers and movement.

  • Label on-the-way IN or OUT to indicate custody of all products while on your premises

  • Build and manage orders in the system including creating pick lists and invoices from orders

  • Customizable Invoice templates 

  • Build and manage shipments in the system including Bill of Lading for each shipment

  • Customizable Bill of Lading formats 

  • Repacking interface for shippers and distributors

  • Additional reporting capability through the Reporting Dashboard with the ability to add custom reports 

  • Unique marketing tools using the LiveQR code to create an item specific landing page for each label printed

  • Ability to import customer orders from EDI and ERP formats

  • Integrate with accounting systems, such as Quickbooks, using CSV files 

  • Visibility of inventory levels with information about number-on-order and age of products

  • Forecast harvest projections by source

  • Manage with bulk weight options and split weights

  • Manage multiple grades and packaging variations for the same product

  • Manage price lists

  • Define a recall by lot or date, plus attach a message and URL


$5448.00 per year 

January 26, 2022 - Littleton, CO:  Upon completion of a 2021 internal audit, PTIprint is proud to announce that 95% of its customers renewed or extended their PTIprint for the another year.  
"We are most proud of the fact that PTIprint works very well for business owners along with an extremely high level of user acceptance." 
Reid Hanson, President and Founder
"It is more of a real-time visual profit and loss calculator for me...PTIprint has what it takes."
Randy, Produce Distributor
"I have tried other solutions and PTIprint makes sense to me financially and as a business tool."
John, Mushroom Grower

Pro-Business Module 

Features & Benefits

Track an unlimited number of products at the item level and sub-item level to efficiently manage mixed boxes, cases, pallets and containers and manage fresh inventory with first-in, first-out principles.  As well as track and monitor numerous unique tasks. You can also manage bulk products by weight and integrate seamlessly with your sources and clients who also use PTIprint.

Customize Inventory Control

Fresh logistics is an evolving, dynamic problem, where retailers have distinct order fulfillment processes. PTIprint gives your salesforce visibility on harvest projections and current product quantities on hand, helping your business to fill more orders with greater accuracy.

Sales Management

Reduce double entry and human error by integrating your current accounting and customer relationship management systems with PTIprint.You can integrate with Quickbooks, Famous, Salesforce, Sage, and many other platforms.

PTIprint users love the shipping and receiving features of the software because the multi-lingual, user-customizable  interface allows multiple users to fulfill purchase orders and create shipping documents while seeing real-time inventory levels.

Shipping & Receiving

PTIprint expands your outreach to end consumers through customizable micro-websites for each of your products. Through this medium you can deliver your message to your consumers, including information about your business, your products, and the people who work hard to grow them. PTIprint gives you control of your messaging long after the label has been printed.


Marketing Tools

Thinking about building your own traceability solution? Talk to us first. Our world is fresh produce, fresh logistics and traceability. We are at the forefront of traceability and compliance, with our solutions in use at governmental entities. We are forward-thinking innovators; PTIprint is years ahead of the possible rules in discussion by the FDA and USDA. Contact us today to see what  PTIprint can do for you.

White Label and Private Label Solutions
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