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Grower Handbook - Circle Fresh Farms

Circle Fresh Farms: Track and Trace Implementation Handbook. Compiled and written by Circle Fresh Farms, a PTIprint user, this handbook provides a full overview of the Product Traceability Initiative, a track and trace system comparison between PTIprint and its competitors, a financial analysis of those systems, and finally the steps of implementation for PTIprint.


Download the full grower handbook by clicking the button below.

Produce traceability, PTI, produce
SARE Report - Circle Fresh Farms



In order to remain competitive and compliant with emerging expectations to provide farm-to-consumer product tracking systems, Circle Fresh needed to create a product track and trace system that was compatible with industry standards but accessible in cost and complexity for smaller producers. After extensive analysis of the existing track and trace system providers, Circle Fresh selected PTIprint to develop an easy to replicate track and trace system for its network of 8 greenhouse producers. To read more on Circle Fresh Farm's SARE Report, and process of selection, click on the button below.  

Produce traceability, PTI, produce
Glossary of Terms

Many different terms are used throughout the website to describe PTIprint, CAIRNSTACK SOFTWARE and the Produce Traceability Initiative. Read through the glossary for a comprehensive collection of these terms by the people who wrote the book on traceability.

Click the tab below to view the glossary in PDF format. 

Produce traceability, PTI, produce
Produce traceability, PTI, produce
Case Studies


A collection of studies that illustrate why choosing PTIprint is the best decision for you and your business. 


Click the button below to view the Case Studies in PDF format. 

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