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"PTIprint's Inventory control is one most comprehensive tools I have used in any industry" 


~ Kyle.  Co-op manager


Control of Inventory is one of the most overlooked sections of a business.

"PTIPTINT's Inventory control is one most comprehensive tools I have used in any industry" 

- Kyle.  Co-op manager


Know your product levels, aging, source at a specific location.  Knowledge of where product has gone and who is due what and when.  Close of business day reports that define production and what was distributed.  PTIprint tools add functionality of an enterprise solution while keeping the interface easy to use.  Provide mock traceback reports on the fly, all while out of the office, in the field or on vacation.


Its all about timely knowledge.  Most of our clients are cooperative farmers and band together to form larger selling groups.  When a co-op comes together with many owners, business styles and needs the tools PTIprint provide can eliminate disagreements or accounting discrepancies with a push of a button.  



It's a mobile marketing world.
Why use a simple QR code when PTIprint offers a LiveQR?

Just as the TV changed the face of politics. Social media is changing the face of how products are marketed, purchased and feedback is received.  In the fast paced world of pushing timely, pertinent and quality 

information, PTIprint's marketing tools assist your marketing department whether your marketing plan is designed at a kitchen table or a boardroom table.


With PTIprint users can add and remove information on the fly, even after the product labeling has been printed and attached to your products.  Special timing tools aid in time-sensitive message release.  Post information about your products use then change the message when the product should be frozen by or discarded.  Target your marketing to specific buyers and in the unfortunate event of a recall the information can be changed to reflect only the product in question, not the entire crop or pallet.   

What can PTIprint add to my existing process?


• Limit the scope and cost of recalls to 
suspect product only
• Improves traceability – quicker and more accurate recalls/product withdrawal
• Full visibility/transparency 
– Field to cooler, crop management 
– Improves inventory management
• Speeds delivery of orders to retailers and foodservice distributors/operators
• Better business intelligence regarding 
customer needs
• Business process improvements in the 
packing shed and administratively with 
information flow; finished case sorting; 
overall streamline of processes
• Reduction/Elimination of costs (pre-printed cases) 




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