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LiveQR Codes 

Combined with PTIprint, LiveQR Codes offer a multi-level ability to show information based upon credentials of the user scanning the code, as well as the concurrent ability for mobile marketing to consumers.  With LiveQR you have the power to view a custody path, in-depth data on food chain information in real-time and on-the-fly food safety alert updating.  Depending on your version and settings of PTIprint, LiveQR codes appear on every label. 


We leverage the power of LiveQR Codes to store your label, production, and planning data automatically, and all data storage costs are included in the price of the code.




















Both one-time and cyclic ordering options are available and we can help you choose which option is best for you. We also offer pre-paid discounts on LiveQR Codes. Codes cost as little as $0.0025 per code. Cost is calculated based on quantity ordered. Codes are delivered either electronically or in pre-printed formats.  


produce traceability, produce
One Label With Multiple Uses!
Your Customer's Benefit
External Use

Customers recieve targeted and tailored information.

Your Benefit
Internal Use

You easily track and monitor your product distribution. 

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