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We need more than just the date..Top 5 Farming Calendars

Because the farmers almanac calendar is boring and who doesn't enjoy a good photo or some scenery. From an industry we all depend on to sustain life comes some great examples of food production we found to put a smile on your face. I know it made us smile.

1. Farm Yoga, I am not sure how they got some of these photos but they are quality.

Buy this calendar at;

2. Speaking of Quality, We love potato's and the Bavarian Potato association sure knows how to pick'em.

Buy this calendar at:

3. Can you breed goats to only live in trees? It must be a nightmare to track them down in the 100 acre wood.

Buy this calendar at:

4. For you ladies out there this calendar is not only humorous but has some scenery. I now see why the whole picture is important when a woman considers dating a man.

Buy this calendar at:

5. To round out the collection of our top 5 calendars for 2015. Check out Jack Asses, I am not saying that my picture is in this calendar but my wife things it is. Can you guess which one she thinks I am?

Buy this calendar at:

Cairnstack Software does not endorse or support any of the links. We just like them and thought you may like too.

Have a great 2015.