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Labeling and Inventory Management Software 

Labeling and Inventory Management Software 

Print PTI, Walmart, and Whole Foods compliant labels within 15 minutes!

PTIprint is an easy-to-use web based software that improves inventory management, sales information and profit margins while meeting all USDA & FDA Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) requirements, including FSMA 204, retailer labeling needs, and more! 

Designed for:

- Growers

- Food Production

- Pack Houses

- Greenhouses

- Shippers

- Distributors

Watch our video on PTIprint!
More than Labeling and Compliance

Printing a label is easy,  However having the ability to track and audit the FDA's "one-up and one-down" reporting requirements within 2 hours is another story.  Have the ability to view your supply chain and do more than just satisfy the labeling requirements of large retailers, such as Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, and Whole Foods. Use the required tools to grow your organization and receive feedback from your end-users 

Real-Time Reporting

Get business analytics and save data entry time, with automatic cloud backups for all of your data. PTIprint gives you real-time reporting tools to help you grow your business, track your products by SKU, location, and destination.

FREE 14-day Trial

Start using PTIprint today to generate labels and see firsthand what this powerful tool can do for your business. 

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